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Fuse a brand into the right culture with the best possible output and opportunity to return on investment.

Bringing culture into your brand is a deeply powerful way of aligning with core customers with more emotional connection. Through creative endeavours within focused cultural areas, brands immerse authentically, becoming part of that culture from within.


The best brands push things forward, bring new talent to the fore, and always contribute, never appropriate.


Culture marketing combines storytelling as told by you on brand-owned channels and is amplified by like-minded, influential partners. It’s from this context that I work with brands to develop bespoke cultural programs.


Based on key marketing pillars, I workshop with clients on the what, why and who. The goal is to fuse a brand into the right culture with the best possible output and opportunity to return on investment.


Media partnerships, artistic talent and ambassador programs can all be crafted to bring your brand to life through creative expression. I also undertake global talent searches. Intimate intelligence on what resonates with culturally influential communities of people globally.

Unique and sincere relationships that deliver commercially astute deals for activation are best nurtured by those with whom the relationship has been formed, executed as an ongoing process, on a retainer fee.


Bespoke to the needs of the brand and the business; start with a Brand Workshop —establish how culture marketing can work for you. 


Support this work with a Culture Blueprint.

Read more about meaningful partnerships and how they can grow brand equity here —a collaboration with a French Dominatrix, a New York-based magazine and a man on his knees...

"A legend in her own right... Sarah is probably the world's first method researcher where she immerses herself in the community or culture she is researching to give her clients the best and most authentic point-of-view for their needs."

Antonio Bertone.

We worked together whilst Tony was the CMO at PUMA International. 

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