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An interactive workshop to refine and define your brand

The Brand Workshop offers the highest quality expertise in a collaborative experience to stimulate and challenge all key stakeholders to break new boundaries.


This workshop will ensure your brand instantly resonates with the target audience; its sense of purpose and values are consistent and clear.  

Master the art of creating distinct and unique messaging and aesthetics.

Ensure strategy is aligned, activates your brand and delivers on growth objectives.


The Brand Workshop takes place over 3 hours or as a full day as a more intense creative workshop.


If necessary, the workshop can be held online.


The workshop follows an interactive format.

Everything will be prepared in advance—all you need to do is bring felt tips and enthusiasm.


This session works best with the brand owner (s) /GM and/or brand founders.

What to expect on the day.


Over this collaborative session, the brand workshop will help organise and formalise the brand values and mission and help determine the brand direction.


It will clarify the brand essence and USPs: its ownable space.


Discuss and plan how best to position the brand offering and how best to market this for the new world/mood.


Together, we will work through the following prompters:


1. The brand in your own words.

Talk through your product or service, the customer journey and your brand ambitions - bespoke solutions are achieved through listening. 


2. Brand audit.

To establish the brand inventory: what strategy, materials, and assets are already in place to realise these ambitions? Are these aligned and consistent, where are the gaps, and what brand work is still to be done? 


3. A deeper dive.

What is your brand an authority on, and what are its expressions and interests? What is its voice, and how is the brand brought to life?




From here, a project overview will be proposed: how the workshop findings will build unique, bespoke industry-recognised tools via any of the services offered.

Or, if you prefer a DIY approach, use the workshop as a mentoring service to create your brand tools instead.

Book additional check-ins and follow-up workshops to assess progress.

Benefit from extra help to get you through any stumbling blocks.

As an additional service, request a set of follow-up notes or a 500-word mission statement to serve as the basis of your brand work.

This branding workshop and story fact-finding mission act as a powerful group brainstorming and team-building exercise.

It is most effective when used as the precursor to the Brand Book work: serving as a brand immersion for Sarah Feeney to fully understand the brand, its positioning, vision, goals, aesthetic and tone of voice.

Prices for the Brand Workshop are here.

If you're unsure of how or where to start, consider a Brand Hotline.​

Thank you so much for putting so much workshop feedback into the report. It is exactly what I was after, as I have just been sitting with the brand too long to see the areas where it needs work.


Jack, The London Dispensary.

This workshop was conducted on behalf of the Health and Wellness agency Whitehair co

—yes, I consult for agencies too.

We booked a brand workshop with Sarah with the goal to refine our brand tone of voice and messaging. She quickly understood our mission and enabled us to hone our brand spirit.

This has led to more focus around our key communications and a more confident and consistent approach to what we do and how we do it.

Sarah’s instinct for authentic communication and consumer focus was apparent throughout and helped us significantly in joining up our brand messaging.

If you are looking for a brand strategist that brings human connection and gets to the heart of your why and how - I can highly recommend Sarah Feeney.


Claire Goodman, founder of petricho projects.

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