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You work with me not someone else

Bring your brand to life and accelerate growth with editorial-style, high-value content

What is content strategy?

Also known as content marketing, a content strategy is the planning, creation and management of any audio, visual or written content on brand-owned channels. 

In a nutshell, it’s your plan for winning comms that cut through.


Having a plan for your content ensures your efforts are goal driven. Having a plan means you can track and change your plan based on what’s working and what’s not.

Most importantly, having a plan means you can stop feeling overwhelmed with the process of distributing information and assets, where and when.


Meaningful content gives a deeper dive into your brand whilst generating shares and reach without relying on traditional advertising techniques and paid media alone. High-value digital content allows fans to discover and engage with your brand organically. 

Attract, engage and convert visitors with a social media content strategy

Looking for a CONTENT STRATEGY consultant in London?


My work creates bespoke campaigns unique to every brand. You work with me, not someone else. Together, we’ll bring your brand pillars to life.


I’ve organically grown Instagram accounts from zero to 10k in less than a year and hit KPI targets 6-months ahead of schedule.

Want to engage fans with high-performing content that tells your brand story?

My content strategy service creates editorial-standard content and front-end strategy with SEO plans embedded. Ensure search engines consider you an authority within your field and that fans enjoy your accounts daily. 


Don’t get stuck for ideas and content; together, we’ll create a content calendar, plan blog posts and stick to them!


Within the content strategy, we will:

  • Communicate the brand messages with their frequency aligning with the key message hierarchy and seasonal trends 

  • Develop unique and engaging ways to tell every aspect of your brand story 

  • Explain the product credentials and include recommendations and testimonials from industry experts and real-life customers 

  • Offer tips, hacks and advice; useful, usable content that search engines approve of —helping with ranking and being found online

Content Strategy is the artful blend of digital science and wizardry with editorial-style articles and aesthetics

Ensure content is valued, and relevant and anticipates every possible interest and question asked of a search engine, social media or virtual voice assistant

the process


step 01


The work begins with a Brand Workshop.

During this, we’ll set goals and objectives. 

What does success look like, where do you want to be and when? 

At this stage, we’ll also look at budgets and resources and solutions that match. 

step 02

From here, we’ll look at your Brand Book/Style Guide and identify all the topics that could inform content: your brand story, pillars and expressions, seasonal changes, shopping habits and the everyday experiences of your brand and the people and culture that make it tick.

This is the fun bit; creating editorial-style content that is surprising, interesting, informative and aesthetically pleasing.

(​If you haven't got a Brand Book, I can help with that too.)

step 03


Next, we’ll optimise the content. 

We’ll identify the search topics, interests and passions that are of genuine value and interest to your fans. This work considers all questions of explicit intent a prospective visitor might have at all stages of their search engine journey. 

We’ll then reconcile those queries against the brand’s content topics to ensure SEO is embedded.


The result is high-performing and ownable topics, content clusters and word palettes. At this stage, we’ll ​also consider all format needs, from a website pillar page to quips and one-liners for social media captions.

step 04

No cookie-cutter approach here…we’re not finished just yet. 

We’ll then ensure all brand language and content is aligned with the brand tone of voice and aesthetic.

(and if you haven't yet defined your tone of voice, I can help with that too). 

step 05

Finally, we’ll develop and manage the distribution of the content and information in an actionable content calendar, a template for the publishing schedule across all channels, its frequency and rotation, placement and specific publishing date. My content calendar template has never let me down.


Need to brief writers and creators?


If you’re not creating the content yourself, this work is an important part of the briefing process; it's the on-brand intel content developers will need to create specifically for your brand—highly creative pieces of content with a clear brand voice and aesthetic whilst responding to the brand's SEO plan.

Any subsequent addition of calls-to-action (CTA), hyperlinks and embedded visuals and photography will feel organic, logical and, most importantly for search engines, meaningful and useful as opposed to marketing that treats visitors like customers instead of fans.

As a published editor, I've access to many journalists and photographers. As a published writer, I can also provide content and articles too.

Content strategy fees:


Content Strategy is an ongoing process; consider a retainer fee so that the plan can pivot and adapt in real-time by the original author.

If you're still unsure which service is for you, consider a Brand Hotline, the price of which is redeemable against all future bookings.

"the modernist society" hired Sarah Feeney to define and formalise the organisation into one unified brand definition... the work included a special focus on Content Strategy and Social Media management...which led to successful engagements that increased sales and followers.



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