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Bring the brand pillars to life with editorial-style content 

Cut the fluff—be understood!


Tone of Voice brings the brand personality to life with unique, clear and consistent language as told by you on brand-owned channels.

From the original brand concept to laying foundations for effective communications, this service delivers results.


This service offers the highest quality expertise when it comes to developing unique and distinct tones and has carefully crafted brand language for a diverse range of industry sectors including design and architecture, health and wellness and spirits and beers.


As part of the process, the all-important guidelines are delivered to ensure the Tone of Voice's effective activation —enabling everyone within the organisation to speak with one consistent, unified and clear voice.


Items delivered


  • Target audience

  • Tone of voice overview

  • Tone of voice pillars


Brand Language Guidelines


  • Nuances

  • Principles and practice

  • Identity examples

  • Conclusion

  • Copywriting example: 350w piece on a subject of your choice


This work is most effective as part of the Brand Book work.

There's a service to help with that too.


The process 


It all begins with a Brand Laboratory Workshop which takes place over 2 hours, held online or at a venue of your choosing.


The workshop follows an interactive format.


Everything is prepared in advance —all you need to do is bring felt tips and enthusiasm.


This session works best with the brand owner(s) /GM, Marketing or Brand Manager and/or brand founders and is also an opportunity to become fully immersed in your brand. 


A collaborative session, the brand workshop will also help organise and formalise the brand personality, USP and target audience and help determine the tone of voice direction and how best to position it within the current zeitgeist.


Together, we will work through the following prompters:


  • What are the brand expressions and interests?

  • What is it an authority on?

  • What is important to the brand —what are its values and principles?

  • What is the brand promise?

  • What is its personality, and whom is it talking to? 


We will also look at specific nuances that inform the guidelines, such as:


  • Is the audience short on time

  • Do they have the luxury of taking time to read the copy

  • Editorial style guide—e.g. grammar conventions.

  • Context—e.g. when is it appropriate to be informal




Work combines brand intent with personality and is based on the key brand pillars. 

It’s from this context that we will develop the bespoke tone and subsequent brand language.


From here, exceptional presentations are developed: industry-recognised tools and guidelines for activation.


Benefit from regular check-ins and a commitment to ensure the work remains on track.  


Tone of Voice fee structure here


If you're unsure of how or where to start, consider a Brand Help Hotline, the price of which is redeemable against any further service.

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