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this service is for you if

  • You want a quick brand audit and service recommendation. 

  • You don't know where to start.

  • There's confusion around brand activations, messaging or content.

  • An objective eye is needed; you're looking for a sense-check or soundboard.

  • You need to ensure your putting your budget and resource in the right place.

  • You're stuck or feeling overwhelmed. 

  • You need to identify the blocks to success. 

why this works

The Brand Hotline ensures your brand and marketing will deliver your brand's ambitions, not someone else's. Too many times, I've seen brands pay for expensive services they don't need or aren't right at that time.
This hour-long mentoring session will quickly and efficiently advise you on everything brand. It's perfect for a brand audit and service recommendation, with plenty of pearls of wisdom along the way.

With an agenda bespoke to each call, you set the flow. 
Keep it light and informal, or choose to be specific and discuss items such as:

  • Earning brand equity 

  • Alignment and consistency

  • Bringing your brand to life

  • Meaningful content 

  • Strategy and activation

  • Traction, amplification and growth

  • Tone of voice and brand language

  • Gaps in thinking or strategy

  • Pivoting, evolving and adapting 

don't pay for services you don't need!

"Thank you so much for the call and the feedback in the report. It is exactly what I was after, as I had been sitting with the project for too long and needed a fresh soundboard!"



how it works


Send an email, and you'll be booked in for a call within 24 hours or sooner —if you have availability. 


During the call, I'll recommend the services right for your brand.


You'll then be called at the allocated time for the 1-hour consultancy —prefer to meet in person? Love to.


...and if I don't provide them, I'll recommend someone who does.


don't get charged to speak with someone; talk to me for free

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