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Create your Brand Book

Benefit from my experience of working with some of the world's most STAND-OUT brands

A manifesto is your brand DNA captured in a Brand Book with actionable guidelines.

Define the essence of your brand, cut the clutter, and be understood.


Having a manifesto is the foundation of a solid, successful brand that is consistent and aligned.


Your Brand Book captures the essence of your manifesto. 


Together we’ll ensure your brand is bold, unique, and has a clear purpose and reason for being.


Our work together will ensure your brand lands true and crystal clear. 

Can you explain your brand in one line?

Tone of Voice
Key messages
Elevator pitch
Target community


everything to start and grow a brand.


Brand Book work is your opportunity to capture, define and refine your brand.

this service delivers tangible results

help your teams do their best work

What's the everyday use for my Brand Book?


A Brand Book is for all key stakeholders and brand guardians.


Those charged with looking after, creating assets for, or communicating the brand to others.

It gives a clear direction and helps them move your brand forward.


With a Brand Book they can achieve their best work. 


Help them confidently speak about your brand and know who it’s for and how to position it.

Ensure agency work hits the target, don’t pay for work that’s accidentally off-brief!


A Brand Book includes all the brand elements so that service providers and agencies will know the brand and whom they should target.  


It aids the creation of recognisable assets and copy to help fans navigate interactions. 


This prevents them from getting lost in silos, hindering expected growth and sales.

A Brand Book is for you if

Is it too late to create a Brand Book?

You're a start-up or entrepreneur, rebooting, evolving or growing

You’re ready for funding and need industry-recognised tools

You want your strategy and objectives to align with brand ambitions

You have gaps in thinking

You’re about to work with partners and agencies

You need everyone in the business to speak with one voice

It’s never too late to create your Brand Book. 

Ideally, the Brand Book is done before a designer is briefed and the name or logo is created.


But I’ve also created Brand Books for established brands.


This work is for you if you need to post-rationalise, reboot, refresh or re-evaluate. 

Did your brand grow organically from an instinctive, intuitive place? 

These kinds of brands are my speciality. 


I understand it’s hard to formalise your brand, especially if it grew organically. 


Take ownership of it and let me help it be understood as a business and organisation…without losing its original spark and vibe.


What’s the next step? ​


​Brand Books are available in two versions: essential and deluxe. 


I also offer items individually to fill gaps in thinking.

All work begins with a Brand Book workshop, the cost of which is included in the fee. 


A results-driven process that delivers. ​

The first step: Let's speak if you're unsure which option suits you.

I pledge to offer bespoke work without additional agency overheads or commission costs. 


Work directly with me—a more cost-effective way to do business. 


Get in touch if you want to see some of the Brand Books I've helped create. 


Kevin Beyer 

KBOT Consultancy

"Whether it's creating a brand book, launch plan, developing social media content, or identifying collaborators, the results are smart, strategic, and on-brand."



Work delivered:

Brand development for Sweet Gwendoline French Gin.

“I’m having great feedback from suppliers on the Brand Book and starting to secure some incredible brands which is so exciting, so thank you!

​​Thank you, Sarah, for all your hard work. I feel I’ve got a clear vision for Dandy, which is really making a difference.”

Harriet Sweeney

Dandy brand online beauty store

Work delivered: Brand builds and a Brand Partners book.

I delivered this work as part of the Whitehair Co. collective.


Lucy Stride,

The Mindful Muscle CBD oils.

Work delivered: Brand Book.

I delivered this work as part of the Whitehair Co. collective—YES, I provide brand services for agencies too.

“Thank you so much for all your expert

advice regarding the Brand book - it looks fantastic! 

I am so pleased that the Candalia details have been captured - and this information will be very useful for the brand moving forward.

I appreciate all your hard work, time, and efforts regarding the Brand book - it is much appreciated."

Alia Shah,

Candalia Candles


Work delivered: Brand Book.

I delivered this work as part of the Whitehair Co. collective.

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