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What drives an entrepreneur to create a brand? This winning combination.

The biggest strength start-up brands have is that their entrepreneurial founders are passionate about driving their ideas into being because they feel compelled to “do things differently” by doing it themselves. 💡

I’ve been workshopping with founder Claire Goodman, whose cycling brand petrichor projects creates technical cycling kit with a woman-first approach to better serve women's needs.

Here's how Claire's passion for women's cycling made a difference:

⇢ Claire created an innovative bib that makes women's bathroom breaks easy (big slay).

⇢ Petrichor Project’s sizing is inclusive XXS - XXXL.

⇢ Products are produced in limited quantities to reduce waste.

Ultimately, Petrichor Projects invites customers to participate in cycling adventures for women, hosted by Claire herself ✨

If you'd like to identify the spark that created your brand and how to use that spark to grow, let's get together for an ideas make manifesto's workshop!

“If you are looking for a brand strategist who brings human connection and gets to the heart of your why and how, I can highly recommend Sarah Feeney."

Claire Goodman
petrichor projects Founder



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