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Stand out
through ideas, intent and no BS!
A clear path to attracting sincere and loyal fans.

Ideas Make Manifestos 
 brand strategy by sarah feeney

Your manifesto should be the core of your brand
Sarah Feeney working at PUMA International
sarah feeney working at lee cooper
sarah feeney working at the modernist society
Sarah Feeney writes for TSPTR magazine
sarah feeney working at Victorinox AG
Sarah feeney working at Vice media
sarah feeney working at heineken
sarah feeney working at reyka vodka

A manifesto enables start-ups to take charge, assists well-established brands reconnect with themselves, and guides growth and innovation.   
But what it does best is articulate the idea that creates a brand and how to use that idea to grow.

what clients and colleagues think

Home page testimonias
terence parris testimonial for sarah feeney brand marketing consultant
Terence Parris. Sports Brands & Diversity Consultant: PUMA 

“People believe that the brand Sarah is working on is talking personally to them.
I would highly recommend Sarah in roles that aim to bring brands to life.”

Work delivered:
Culture Marketing for PUMA International.
A manifesto is your brand strategy —the approach behind how your brand shows up to its fans. 
It includes all the brand elements such as tone, values, DNA and overall vibe.

manifesto is for you if

►  Your sense of purpose has gone adrift

►  You don't stand out in a crowded market 

►  You struggle to articulate your brand 

The brand has a cult following but you don't know how to use that status to grow

►  You're not "agency ready", they don't understand your offering  

People in the organisation describe the brand differently

You never have enough content or know what to say

You need industry-recognised tools and documents

You're a brand or marketing manager, thought leader, entrepreneur, launching, refreshing, or growing.

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