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BUTTON IT! Simple #D2CMarketing hacks to boost sales.

Design beautiful BUY buttons for high-impact that's less intrusive.

“How do I ensure online visitors make their purchase?”

It was a question I’d asked someone from the original team that built Amazon.

(I’d guessed they’d know).

But I was surprised by how straightforward their quick-fix answers were.

All of them worked for us.

Our Sweet Gwendoline French Gin D2C sales increased by 20% in two weeks.

So here are the answers

(1) If your button text is “SHOP”, change it to “BUY”.

It’s more explicit and has more intent.

SHOP sounds like a non-committal browse, whereas BUY sets a psychological trigger that you intend to BUY something.

(2) Double the size of the BUY button (in fact, triple it.)

(3) 📌 Stick your BUY button to a static header or have it as a floating button so it's ALWAYS on the screen.

If visitors have to look for it, they won’t 👀

(4) Set an email trigger for abandoned baskets 🛒

And here are a few tips of my own:

(1) ⇢ 🔗 When posting a link on social media, ensure it's the link to the shopping page, NOT the homepage.

Another click to the shopping page is always a click too many.

(they've come from your socials; they already know your brand and don't need to visit the homepage.)

(2) In Instagram, ensure you have a BUY highlight button.

Then save all your products and shopping link posts behind it 👕🥾

—help them see what they want to see in the place they already are; they're more likely to make the jump if they've seen the product first.

(3) Design beautiful buttons rather than using the generic options offered by the platform's software. They'll have more impact but look less intrusive.

The highly impactful (and gorgeous) buttons below were designed by our go-to designer, Nick Paparone and feature on our Sweet Gwendoline French Gin site and our client's Instagram account @PunchersChanceBourbon.

Simple D2C Marketing hacks to boost sales

Simple D2C Marketing hacks to boost sales

Simple D2C Marketing hacks to boost sales

Simple D2C Marketing hacks to boost sales


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