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I am a brand marketing expert with over 25 years experience building some of the world's most famous, innovative and unusual brands.

I specialise in strategic lifestyle marketing. I fuse insight with best practise in a simple pay-as-you-go model.

This work adds equity and elevates your brand with relevance and purpose.

Available to Brand and Marketing Managers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and agencies for:

• Project work

• Mentoring and public speaking

• Workshops and audits

• Consultancy

“A pioneer”

Terence Parris. Diversity Consultant PUMA

This work is for you if you’re a brand going places fast, evolving, refreshing or pivoting.

Your partner to innovate, challenge and GROW.

Current clients and projects:

• Sweet Gwendoline French Gin

• the modernist society and magazine

• Branding Consultant for health and wellness agency: Whitehair Co


Brand development and marketing solutions consultant with accountability and specialist knowledge steeped in Cultural Capital. 

Remarkable 360 brand expertise made available to everyone—from initial idea to global consumer reach.

Highly creative with a unique skill set in brand creation, development, DNA, Culture Marketing, Brand Books, growth and revenue development.

Work is defined by skilled finesse, elevating market positioning across digital and traditional touchpoints.

A remote live-work pioneer, based in London with global insights.

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Sarah Feeney Brand Marketing

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