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The Sweet Gwendoline French Gin Manifesto!

Sometimes, I write manifestos for brands to share with their fans, like this one for Sweet Gwendoline French Gin which I am a partner in.

Working on Sweet Gwendoline is always a hoot, different, and creative.

This manifesto outlines the brand's building blocks in a playful, fun way that aligns heavily with the brand's tone of voice.

More about that HERE.

A brand manifesto is a mash-up of all the building blocks that create a brand.

Having a manifesto increases your chance of success. For nine more reasons to write one, see my guide HERE.



“If you are looking for a brand strategist who brings human connection and gets to the heart of your why and how, I can highly recommend Sarah Feeney."

Claire Goodman
petrichor projects Founder


If your project / brand / workplace would benefit from a manifesto, call me. 


👉🏼 Ideas Make Manifestos.

Having a manifesto increases your chance of success.

I partner with thought leaders to shape, transform and grow iconic consumer brands that STAND OUT.

If you could change anything about your brand, what would it be?



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