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What's the story behind the Sweet Gwendoline French Gin Keyhole?

It’s a visual message, a code.

Our brand is inspired by the fetish artistry of “John Willie”, an illustrator whose work, on the surface, looked like innocent fashion illustrations. 

A glamorous world of Fashion and all things French.

But those in the know knew. They understood his visual cues. 

His illustrations were keyholes through which like-minded voyeurs could peep into a secret theatre of eroticism, unlocked between the covers of his Bizarre magazine.

Using the keyhole motif upholds this use of visual code throughout our brand.

It's a consensual, invitational peep…

To see more through the peephole moments, follow my work for Sweet Gwendoline French Gin on Instagram.

Artwork by Nick Paparone at New Good World.

Photo of Dita Von Teese by Albert Sanchez.


Sweet Gwendoline French Gin is deliciously mischievous and infused with French fig, botanicals and finished with white wine.

We're available in cocktail bars and bottle shops across the US 🇺🇸and ship to 46 States.

Our brand aesthetic is based on the provocative artwork of "John Willie".


I’ve worked for brands in-house, in hands-on roles.

I know the difference between brand strategy fluff and the tangible, actionable stuff that works.

—the stuff that is actually helpful on a day-to-day basis to those at the coal face of the brand.


👉🏼 Ideas Make Manifestos.

Having a manifesto increases your chance of success.

I partner with thought leaders to shape, transform and grow iconic consumer brands that STAND OUT.

If you could change anything about your brand, what would it be?



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