About Sarah Feeney

ideas make manifestos


I help brands turn their ideas and culture into a blueprint for growth.


I help new brands take charge and world-famous brands reconnect with themselves.

My brand work helps formalise brand intent, and expressions and identify channels for its dissemination. 


My approach is to fuse my instinctive understanding of culture with my industry-recognised knowledge to create bespoke strategies, solutions and the tools to activate them.


I believe brands can realise their ambitions, and purpose, win new fans and grow without losing their original spark. 

Things I do

Bespoke solutions 

I pledge all services and work will be specific to the needs of your business and brand ambitions. 
No cookie-cutter approach here.

You’ll work with me, not somebody else, anytime you need me.
We'll set goals and targets and I'll stick to them.

This work values sincere, loyal relationships and interactions that treat fans like friends, not customers. 

I’ve dedicated 25 years to building some of the world's most culturally relevant, famous and innovative brands in over 40 global markets. 
Holistic approach

We evaluate on a day-to-day basis and act with agility and flexibility in line with an ever-changing landscape.

Services I offer

Brand development

Brand Books and style guides
Tone of voice
Investor decks and presentations

Social media and digital

Content strategy
Content creation
Community management
Culture marketing

Culture blueprints
Partnerships and sponsorships
Seeding and sampling


“A pioneer” 
Terence Parris. Diversity Consultant: PUMA

Current projects:

• Sweet Gwendoline French Gin
• the modernist society and magazine 
• Branding Consultant for health and wellness agency: Whitehair Co 



Do get in touch if you're interested in finding out what I might be able to do for your brand.