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Expert cultural branding and marketing consultant 📍 London


About sarah feeney

I've worked with some of the world's most innovative brands, creatives, mavericks and entrepreneurs.
If you're one of these, read on...


If you’re creating a brand, looking to break a new market or increase your fanbase...that’s what I do.

I enable start-ups to take charge, assist well-established brands reconnecting with themselves, and guide growth and innovation.

But what I do best is create and grow a loyal and sincere following for brands I’m passionate about.

My approach is to connect to audiences on a more emotional and creative level through culture, stories, and ideas. 
I formalise this strategy in brand books, playbooks, and blueprints and create tools to amplify that relevance to a broader audience.
This helps brands scale with intent and purpose and win new fans —the best advocates a brand can have. 
It’s a strategy that’s worked for some of the world's most iconic and influential brands.
More about those, later.
Creating fans in new markets is a specialism with a particular focus on the USA.
As a recognised innovator in nomadic living  (yes, I spent ten years living out of a suitcase with only two pairs of socks), I have access to forty global audiences, an enviable professional footprint, network, and capsule wardrobe.

I work across diverse sectors, including health and wellness and the alcohol beverage industry, and am available as a long-and short-term freelance consultant.
Let's talk!


“Sarah turns brands into culture.
Or is it the other way round?”
Louis Xavier Lewis-Smith

“A pioneer"
Terence Parris: Sports brands and diversity consultant PUMA


Current clients:
Sweet Gwendoline French Gin (US)
Workers Whiskey (US)
Flotsam & Jetsam (US)
Whitehair Co. (UK)

Photograph by @wigworland

Brand development
Create a solid foundation



Brand Books and style guides

Immersions and workshops

Partnership decks

Social media  

An artful blend of digital science and wizardry



Content strategy
Content cr

Culture marketing
Connect on a creative and emotional level

Partnerships and collaborations
Seeding an
d sampling

Tone of voice

Cut the fluff! —be understood!



Brand language

Actionable guidelines


Writing and photography

Need original content?



I am a published writer and photographer, and I designed, built, and optimised this website

Culture blueprints

Cultural & geographical intel



Culturally influential communities and hubs

I helped these brands speak to their fans

brand marketing for a vodka
the puma logo at sarah feeney brand marketing

Why you can trust me

Seven years Global Culture Director at Sailor Jerry Rum

Five years as Global Head of Entertainment Marketing at PUMA 

Hand-picked by VICE Media to advise on its Old Blue Last beer 

An approach that's created fans in 75 global cities
Was the subject of a BBC documentary about brands and sub-culture 

Beverage Alcohol

Health and Wellness

a glass of old blue last beer by vice media in new york

Design and Architecture

Christy Turlingtons Yoga range for PUMA

Fashion and Sport



I work with diverse premium brands, fusing insight and best practices for all sectors.

My industry-recognised knowledge, fused with hands-on experience, delivers bespoke, results-driven work that has impact, longevity, and integrity whilst remaining accountable to both sales and the community.


Remarkable 360º brand expertise made available to everyone—from initial ideas to global consumer reach.

What clients and colleagues say

Client quote

Kevin Beyer 

KBOT Consultancy USA

"Whether it's creating a brand book, launch plan, developing social media content, or identifying collaborators, the results are smart, strategic, and on-brand."


Work delivered:

Brand development for Sweet Gwendoline French Gin.


Industry:                  Positioning:                 

Speciality spirits / lifestyle


Brand development, tone of voice and a brand engagement strategy. 

Brand development and engagement for Sweet Gwendoline French Gin

A powerful, fun, and glamorously risqué lifestyle gin that pays homage to the whip-cracking artistry of John Willie


Work that resonates with, respects and champions the fetish community and aesthetic


One that aligns with core customers with authenticity via consciously curated brand partnerships

Image by Albert Sanchez

Tools and blueprints for key stakeholders and brand guardians


What's the process?

Collaborative, roundtable strategy sessions 

Sarah has had an illustrious career working on lifestyle and culture-based brands and was featured in the BBC documentary "Cool Hunters" on how brands express their culture for authenticity.


A remote live-work pioneer, she spent ten years travelling the globe relentlessly to immerse herself in the local culture. 


She has a clear understanding of aesthetics, culture, lifestyle & influence and is a contributor and marketing consultant to the modernist magazine and society and a writer/photographer for counter-culture clothing brand T*S*P*T*R.


Sarah has a keen editorial eye that designed, built, and provided the photography for this website.


She is a highly creative brand expert with a unique skill set in brand architecture, DNA, playbooks, culture marketing, brand books, growth, and revenue development.

Addi Merrill 

Victorinox A.G.

A remote live-work pioneer with a base in London, a neighbourhood agency with global insight, a Northern Londoner.

Do get in touch if you're interested in finding out what I might be able to do for your brand.

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