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case study: a beer launch for Feierabendbier

A Praxis Ethos

A community collaboration between the modernist magazine and Manchester Union Lager called ...Feierabendbier.


In their infinite wisdom, Germans have a word for that “knocking-off-work” beer: Feierabendbier, so the modernist society created one of their own to celebrate their Friday afternoon work ritual.


The result was a traditional brew from the communal breweries in the Oberpflaz area of NE Bavaria: a Zoigl beer. The beer was created by a local brewery and friends Manchester Union Brewery.


Being a magazine and society about Modernism, the beer had to look great so for the can design their friends, and Manchester Factory Records legends Trevor and Craig Johnson took their cues from German Modernist design and the clocks and watches of Dieter Rams and Max Bill.

The project bought together a crack team to take care of the design and the liquid, I provided specialist marketing expertise, and the modernist society provided the fanbase.

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