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"Sarah Feeney has an illustrious career working on lifestyle and culture-based brands and was featured in the BBC documentary "Cool Hunters" on how brands express their culture for authenticity.

She is a highly creative brand expert with a unique skill set in brand architecture, DNA, playbooks, culture marketing, brand books, growth, and revenue development.
She has a clear understanding of aesthetics, culture, lifestyle and influence and a keen editorial eye that designed, built, and provided the photography for this website."

Addi Merill Marketing Consultancy.

As a partner in a successful gin start-up, I know how to create STAND-OUT brands —because I've done it myself.


Throughout my work, I've earned a living as a brand strategist, shaper and communicator working with start-ups, entrepreneurs, and brands looking to launch in new markets, grow or reconnect with themselves.


After working in-house for eight years at PUMA and then Ben Sherman, I founded and directed my first agency, "15 Minutes", in 2004 with clients howies, cult clothing brand Modern Amusement and Lee Cooper, amongst others. 

Using the moniker “Under Rocks”, I went freelance in 2009 to secretly live on the road for seven years whilst helping Sailor Jerry Rum launch in 35 countries worldwide. 


From 2016 onwards, I acquired specialist knowledge of the American market, having worked collaboratively to help shape and launch VICE Media’s beer in New York, 805 Beer in six US states and my current project, Sweet Gwendoline French Gin, in which I am a partner.  


I am now happy to share my experience, creativity and strategic knowledge to help thought leaders turn their ideas into actionable manifestos. 


Current clients:

Sweet Gwendoline French Gin (US)

Workers Whiskey (US)

Flotsam & Jetsam (US)

Whitehair Co. (UK)


"Sarah is probably the world's first method researcher where she immersed herself in the community or culture she researched to give her clients the best and most authentic point-of-view for their needs."

Antonio Bertone. We worked together at PUMA whilst Tony was the CMO.

Client quote

Kevin Beyer 

KBOT Consultancy USA

"Whether it's creating a brand book, launch plan, developing social media content, or identifying collaborators, the results are smart, strategic, and on-brand."


Work delivered:

Brand development for Sweet Gwendoline French Gin.

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