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Well, for a second, he asked it to be me.


LWT wanted to interview Bansky about his first exhibition at Cargo, Shoreditch, London. 


Banksy asked me to be him because he couldn't do it himself for obvious reasons.


I obliged, not overthinking it. 

On the day, I think the film crew didn’t want to admit they had always assumed Banksy was a man. 


However, they must have cottoned on later as they subtitled the interview "Banksy version 5: female.” 


Who were the other four Banksys?!

The clip will be in the archives somewhere, and I have a copy of it, albeit it is a bit dodgy-looking as it was a VHS tape recording transferred to CD when VHS became obsolete and moved again to an MP4 when CDs were done.


The shots you see here are screen grabs from the original footage.


It was one of the most interesting opportunities I’ve been given — although I didn’t know it then, nor what an honour it would become.


Banksy was always great company. Intelligent, whip-smart and very, very funny.


If you would like to see the footage, message me directly.

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