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A beer celebrating that "knocking-off-work" moment

the modernist magazine and Manchester Union Brewery have created a beer and we've called it...Feierabendbier. (Fire-arben-beer).

It’s our latest community collaboration, brewed by friends #Manchester Union Lager @mcrunionlager.

Germans, in their infinite wisdom, have a word for that “knocking-off-work” beer: Feierabendbier, so we created one of our own to celebrate our Friday afternoon work ritual.

A traditional brew from the communal breweries in the Oberpflaz area of NE Bavaria: a Zoigl beer.

An easy drinking #kellerbier; bright amber with a slight honey base, balanced with bags of hersbrucker hops bitterness delivering slightly fruity & spiced notes.

Being a magazine and society about #Modernism we had to have our beer look great so for the can design we asked friends and Manchester #FactoryRecords legends Trevor and Craig Johnson to take their cues from German Modernist design and the clocks and watches of Dieter Rams and Max Bill.

Limited edition run selling now till stocks run dry!


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