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Around the world in 100 signs.

An ongoing project with new signs added daily—all photographed by myself, during my 10 years of remote work/live travel around the globe.

Read more about that, here.

I try to include some story or the history behind the sign but there is usually nothing documented so sometimes I let my imagination run wild and make it up.

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We’re at photos 78-82 in the #AroundTheWorldIn100Signs archive and this batch is from other-worldly Utah. 🪐🛸👽

I nipped to #Utah whilst in Colorado for the summer of 2017 (I think).

Most of these photos are from an area that was to be demolished to make way for the railroad.

I spied the motel while returning to the airport and jumped out to photograph it.

As a result, I nearly missed my flight but am happy that I did as the whole area will now be long gone.

(78) No Vacancy at the “Overniter Motel” with a neon-lit suitcase forming the top part of the sign.

(79) Just in case you still didn't know where you were, a couple more neon-lit “Motel” signs, this time on top of the building.

(80) Diamond Lil’s —Abandoned bar and “Red Garter” Dining Room.

Prime Rib Steaks 🥩

Home Maid Ice Cream Bread Pies🍦 🍞 🥧

(81) Painted sign at the @TattonBaird hat shop (more about that, later)

(82) Hand-painted sign at Hippodrome —artist Jeff Decker's studio

Some of these photos feature in my piece “The Great American Road” in Monopod Magazine by @drphilipnewsome

Read about that here

📍Long gone, Utah



Signs from #Colorado. Photographed during a road trip in an RV big enough to have taken The Polyphonic Spree on tour.


Longmont Lamplighter #Motel

📠 Fax Service

☎️ Free Long Distance Calls

📅 The 1960s.

There used to be a man lighting a lamp on top of the sign.

📍Originally in various locations but I *think this is the only one left.

See stories for an original photograph from


“Welcome to colourful Colorado”

📍On the #Wyoming/Colorado border


Low rates at the Great Western Inn

📍Various locations in Colorado


City Market

Founded by the Prinster family in 1924 and taken over by the Dillons group in 1969.

📍Various locations in Colorado


Antiques sign

Marks a hut on the side of the road selling random mountain ephemera from the last 100 years.

Of course, it was closed.

📍St. Elmo, CO


Boulder Friendship Lodge YMCA

I didn’t fancy staying here but why would I when I had the stadium-sized RV?


(Pete’s) Satire Lounge

Mixed Drinks 🍸

This neon sign has been lighting up Colefax since the 1960s when “Sugie’s” sports bar was transformed into an entertainment venue.

📍1920 E Colefax Ave, CO 80206



Is it only in the north that fish and chip shops operate out of residential terraced houses?


📍Chung’s Chippy

19 Oldfield Road. Salford M5 4NE


This sign is from the home of Dada: Cabaret Voltaire 1916, Zurich.

#Dada was a response to the carnage of the First World War, rejecting Old Europe’s ‘civilised’ values and traditions; its authority, violence, nationalism and #capitalist society.

Instead, Dada was in favour of left-wing politics, nonsense, satire, gobbledegook-poetry words, collage, funny outfits and rollicking good times at performances and happenings around the world.

It all started here.

A new #modernist philosophy, the #avant-garde, the underground, the #artist as theorist, DIY-culture, #anarchy in art and art in anarchy.

#Sign number 69 is now in the #AroundTheWorldin100Signs blog.

📍Cabaret Voltaire

Spiegelgasse 1, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland



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