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Newly published piece: "Wig" Worland

Counterculture clothing TSPTR asked me to write about the space where subculture meets art, so I wrote about skateboard photographer "Wig" Worland.

✍🏼 Sarah Feeney 📸 Wig Worland

The late Virgil Abloh described Wig as a "legend".

Somerset House, London, has displayed his work, and he is the sole subject of the latest issue of Golden Hour magazine, which held exhibitions of his work in Los Angeles and London to celebrate its launch.

He’s a skateboard photographer with artworld legitimacy.

He'd bat that away if you said it to his face, though.

So I've said it on his behalf.

TSPTR magazine is only available in print, so read the full article here.



About TSPTR magazine

Ethically made clothing exploring past countercultural, subcultural and esoteric themes.

About Golden Hour

Printed skateboard publication based in Los Angeles.


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