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A brand manifesto is a mash-up of all the building blocks that create a brand.

It’s less dry than a bunch of “mission” and “vision” statements that nobody outside those who create them ever reads.

(Sorry, but they don’t).

They focus on something more meaningful.

They are a declaration full of intent and more of a statement about the brand's soul.

They offer a more human, emotional connection to the brand.

Here are ten reasons to write a manifesto for your brand or project.

1.   Having a manifesto increases your chance of success.

2.  A manifesto helps you stop talking and start doing.

3.  It has a point and sticks to it.

4.  It has intent, which brings about change.

5.  When they allude to a better place, people want to help you get there.

6.  They shouldn’t be too earnest...

7.  ...because people need to have fun. When things are fun, things get done.

8.  They need to be actionable.

9. ​ They need a multiplier, find yours and proliferate your manifesto.


      (that’s me)

If your project/brand/workplace would benefit from a manifesto, call me.

I also write manifestos for brands to share with their fans, like this one for 
Sweet Gwendoline French Gin which I am a partner in.
Click the image below to view it.

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