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For a more adventurous way to serve...

Here's a Sweet Gwendoline French Gin recipe for a "French Honey Bee" cocktail 🐝

(obviously thrilled to be able to use the Bee emoji here)

👉🏿 2 oz Sweet Gwendoline French Gin

👉🏿 1 oz Rooibos infused Dolin Blanc

👉🏿 3/4 oz lemon juice 🍋

👉🏿 1/2 oz honey 🍯

Lemon twist

Shake and serve.

Thank you China Morbosa in LA (@chinamorbosa) for this drink creation.

As with all our #pleasures, #SweetGwendolineFrenchGin can be enjoyed in the privacy of your own home as well as at the bar of your favorite pleasure palace—we are now in 40 accounts in New York.

You’ll find all our recipes behind the @sweetgwendolinefrenchgin Highlight button marked GIN & RECIPES

Bottoms up!

🖤 💌 👠 🎩 ✨ 🍸


👉🏿 Trade: @drinkwildman #SweetGwendolineFrenchGin


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