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Blindfolds, figs and Alambic Charentais.

Here I am in Chicago, explaining our Sweet Gwendoline French Gin to about 80+ industry folk. Everything from the copper stills used in its production to the maceration of the fig and its botanicals: juniper, angelica seed, cardamom, coriander, lime, and sweet orange.

It’s a sensory experience and nothing like the usual sampling event…

Thanks to our glamorously risqué dominatrix Mistress Sally and to Frederick Wildman & Sons for organising the invites; it was packed, so many thanks.

Btw, I’m holding the card because the illustration called the groups by the card they were given on arrival.

As our gin is based on the whip-cracking glamour of #JohnWillie each card featured one of his original illustrations.

📸 Alejandra Guerrero


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