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A glamorously risqué french gin

Our Sweet Gwendoline French Gin is distilled in France and bottled in New Orleans. It’s infused with 7 botanicals, including fig, and finished with french white wine.…perfect for a glamorous cocktail.

We’re now in 40 accounts in New York including fine dining restaurants and cocktail bars.

Here’s how to make a Sweet Gwendoline French Gin Martini:

“The Provocateur”

—a glamorous cocktail for @DitaVonTeese 🍸✨

2 oz. Sweet Gwendoline French Gin

1 oz. dry vermouth

4 dashes orange bitters

½ fresh fig, for garnish

Stir gin, dry vermouth, and bitters with ice and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a fig.

IG: @sweetgwendolinefrenchgin

Photo © Albert Sanchez @sanchezzalba



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