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Sweet Gwendoline French Gin


Launched in the U.S. and distributed by Frederick Wildman, Sweet Gwendoline French Gin is now available in New York City and 28 states and online.


Sweet Gwendoline French Gin pays homage to the whip-cracking artistry and glamour of John Willie and his wife and muse Holly Anna Faram, while reimagining the spirit of one of their greatest creations —Sweet Gwendoline— for the 21st century. 

Working within a small team of four, including the founder Larry McGearty and business partner Dita Von Teese.


Brand Engagement is realised via consciously curated brand partnerships —developed to resonate, respect and champion the fetish community and aesthetic whilst maintaining and respecting the integrity and ethos of the original artistry of John Willie and his wife Holly Anna Faram.

The result is a powerful but fun, glamorously risqué lifestyle brand that aligns with core customers with more emotional connection.  


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