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A homage to John Willie's Sweet Gwendoline

For the LA launch of Sweet Gwendoline French Gin, we recreated our immersive tasting experience for the bartending community.

Our host Dita Von Teese curated modern representations of characters inspired by the playfully risqué world of John Willie's "Sweet Gwendoline".

In their own sweet way, each one sensually represented our deliciously perfumed gin while paying homage to John Willie's iconic, powerful characters.

It was a steamy night of whip-cracking glamour, knots, blindfolds, and skyscraper heels.

Thank you to everyone who came, and our glamorous cast @toscacyr, @geeawwnuh, @asapstormborn, @sunsetboulevardier, @frankiefictitious, @annetothelisa, @juliobyme, and @lisamasonlee.

Big thanks to #jimweathers and #iralevine

Photography @madelinenorthway

Filming @eyecanbomb

Thanks to @novacancyla for the fantastic space!

Bottoms Up!


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