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A manifesto is your brand strategy —the approach behind how your brand shows up to fans.
It includes all the brand elements such as tone, values, DNA and overall vibe.

Our work together defines your brand, so it's privileged information, and I'll never share it.
So, as an example of what outputs to expect, here's the
ideas make manifestos (IMM) manifesto!

Throughout this website, you will see how the items in the
IMM manifesto have informed its messaging and the agency strategy.


brand essence 
(the core  of what the brand represents or the image it seeks to project)

 ideas make manifestos!

brand purpose 
(the reason for being)

IMM's purpose is to ensure thought leaders start, transform and grow brands that STAND OUT

brand vision
(a brand's concept of it's future)

To have helped create credible and culturally relevant brands that are honest and driven by instinct, ideas and intent.

brand mission
(how the vision is realised)

Create a clear path to success by identifying the spark that creates a brand, and how to use that spark to grow.

guiding principles

Own the reason behind doing what you do —because that's the spark that no one else can copy.

Be driven by compulsion and intent —because that's sustainable




brand inspiration

"Doing something because you have the urge to do it, inventing the reason later."
Tony Wilson, Factory Records.

Your brand is the urge; our work together articulates the reason.

brand tone of voice

Motivational / Questioning / xx

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