Case study: Old Blue Last Beer by VICE Media


Old Blue Last —A beer by VICE Media 
Maker of content VICE Media was set to launch a new kind of content: cans of 5% ABV Beer


Maker of content VICE Media was set to launch a new kind of content —a beer, named after their pub and music venue The Old Blue Last in Old Street, London UK. The scheduled launch was to be in their hometown neighbourhood Brooklyn, NYC, October 2016.

What does VICE look like in a can —how does VICE maintain its distinctive and unique brand character within a heavily regulated industry that has laws dating back to 1918. How does VICE persuade its fans to go to the beer when those fans are used to VICE content coming to them, either directly to their mobile device or their TV screen via their channel subscription? And how does all that happen in a 4-month project-based timeframe….

The Solution

The launch campaign leveraged the VICE Media network to create fans for the beer, partnerships, sponsorship and liquid-to-lips opportunities. All brand concerns were negotiated and mediated within a complex matrix organisation in a cross-functional role that bought together multiple directors, creative, marketing, production and operational teams to ensure the VICE brand was maintained and that Old Blue Last was a VICE product—and was delivered to the market within the deadline specified.

The 4-month project work saw Old Blue Last launch on October 15th, 2016

Before finishing the UK contract at the end of that year, the work secured distribution in 37 key lighthouse accounts in NYC

All accounts were activated and supported by Marketing and the Brand Ambassador

This work is for you if...

You're about to launch a new product or line offering and need to ensure it's on-brand, aligned with core strategy and fully integrated within the brand architecture.